Kayan Community Development Services


Current Upadate!!!

Kayan Community Development Services is a non-profit organization with a goal of bettering the lives of Kayan people everywhere through increasing education and community development projects. KCDS is made up of staff situated both in villages in Thailand and inside Myanmar.

The boarding House is main project that KCDS have been working for all these years. Please find out our new updated with the boarding house project.

Check out our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KCDSboardinghouse/

This is the video which KCDS have been working during these years. For the further information please find a link on the Current Project.

Financial Literacy

KCDS is also so aware to provide the Financial Literacy training to the communities. Which is mainly focus on the financial understanding to improve the house hold income.

KCDS also supporting the young students to Thailand to get a higher education and better technological resorts at http://bnsclc.org/  Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center. Find on facebook: ps://www.facebook.com/bns.clc.3?ref=br_rs htt


Which is students can learn English, Computer, Thai, Project management and Leadership roles. Furthermore, the graduated students from this BNSCLC can apply a higher community development programe such wide horizons community development program 

which is empowering the young people from Burma and along the border area.


Our great pleasure with Wide Horizons that have a great skills development system to train the students to be able to work back with their organization such as ourselves too.

For more detail? https://kcdskayan.wordpress.com/contact-us/  to our contact link.